THE BLOCKADE MUST END : Declaration of the Cuba – Network in Defense of Humanity

Last December 17, 2014 with the simultaneous announcement of the presidents of Cuba and The United States regarding the decision to reestablish diplomatic relations, the first step was taken in a long and complex process towards normalization of the ties between those countries. Barack Obama has made public his intention to take measures to modify the application of some aspects of the blockade, and to request the US Congress that it be lifted. However, this genocidal policy remains intact.
Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla declared on September 16, 2013 that, although it is true that some measures have been introduced in the regulations of the Treasury and Commerce Department, these are absolutely insufficient, not only concerning the magnitude and reach of the prohibition and sanction that the blockade establishes but as compared with what could be achieved by President Obama if he made use of his executive powers.
It is necessary to state that after Dec 17, 2014, a strengthening of the blockade has been maintained. This is proven by the sentencing of millions of dollars in fines against banks and other institutions from the persecution of Cuba’s international financial transactions. Cuba is still prevented from regularly exporting and importing products and services towards and from the United States; it cannot use US dollars in its commercial activity nor have accounts in that currency in banks of third countries. Cuba is not allowed access to banks credits in the United States, in their branches in third countries and international and financial institutions. These measures, as well as others in force, continue causing serious damages to the Cuban economy limiting the rights to development of our country and causes direct depredation that influences the health and level of life of the population.
Cuba will present to the United Nations of General Assembly, as it has done every year, the resolution ¨Need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade impose by the United States against Cuba¨. Once more the international community will raise its voice regarding the cruel and immoral policy. The report release makes an analysis of the laws of Congress and the administrative disposition that establishes the policy of the blockade; the executive measure adopted by President Obama and his limitations; the executive rights of the president if he wishes to modify or empty the content or implementation of this policy and which issues require congressional approval for its elimination ; specific examples applied after December 17, 2014 and the cost of damages produced; a detailed analysis ; and the rejection of the policy of the blockade inside the United States, as well as, in the rest of the world.
We consider that in this new scenario in which both countries have decided to hold normalize relations, it is inconceivable that this policy which is a violation of the principles of international law, be maintained. For 23 times, it has been condemned by the absolute majority of the member nations of the United Nations. We call on the President of the United States to be faithful to his declarations and make use of his broad executive rights to begin, truthfully a new state of relations between our two countries.
The Blockade against Cuba should never had occurred and should end once and for all. Solidarity cannot rest. We should continue the fight against siege that has strangled Cuban people for more than five decades.
We call on all our friends in the world to adhere to this message and to redouble the fight against the blockade in all its manifestations.

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¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Cuba – Network in Defense of Humanity

Septiembre 21 de 2015